Numerical simulation

  • Finite element analysis

    Finite element analysis

    Finite element analysis is used to numerically validate designs made on 3D modelers such as SolidWorks and Inventor. It is intended to represent the mechanics of solids, going as far as plasticization and rupture of parts.

    Project examples

    - Validation of unique parts or assemblies of several hundred parts

    - Thermal and thermo-mechanical studies

    - Non-standard connections


    - Falling parts and impacts

    - FOPS and ROPS structures

    - Tank validation

  • Computational fluid dynamics

    Computational fluid dynamics

    Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) can be used to model the physical behavior of liquids and gases.






    Project examples

    - Aerodynamic study

    - Industrial process simulation

    - Optimization of mixing system

    - Ventilation

    - Heating or cooling of equipment by forced convection

    - Transport of particles in dedusting systems or processes

    - Fluidized bed

    - Wind study

  • Discrete elements method

    Discrete elements method

    The simulation of discrete elements (DEM) allows to model the solid particles. It makes it possible to reproduce complex conveying systems. Interaction with mobile devices is supported by this type of model.

    Project examples

    - Study of the transport of granular materials in conveying systems

    - Chute blockage analysis

    - Silo and container filling study


    - Risk analysis of granular projection

    - Filling sequence

    - Dust generation study

  • LS-Dyna consulting

    LS-Dyna consulting

    LS-Dyna is advanced simulation software. Its simulation capabilities are very broad, ranging from fracture mechanics to multiphysics studies. With our expertise, we are able to perform all the simulation that other software cannot.

    Project examples

    - High or low speed impact simulation

    - Drop test

    - Advanced materials


    - Impact of liquids and other non-solid materials

    - Transient thermomechanical study with thermal deformations


    - Study vibration, fatigue and cracking

    - Multiphysics study

    - Metal forming

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