Computational fluid dynamics

Computational fluid dynamics simulation is used to model the behavior of liquids and gases. Our advanced software can simulate turbulence, mixing, but also advanced phenomena such as dust particles and moving parts.

Project examples

  • Aerodynamic study

  • Development of a simulation test bench for the evaluation of different models of hydraulic equipment

  • Industrial process simulation

  • Mixing system optimization

  • Ventilation

  • Heating or cooling of equipment by forced convection

  • Transport of particles in dust collection systems or processes

  • Fluidized bed

  • Wind study


  • Steady state

  • Transient analysis

  • Turbulence RAS-LES-DES

  • Heat transfer

  • Joule effect by electrical conduction

  • Fluid interactions - rigid bodies

  • Multi-fluid studies (VOF and Euler)

  • Humidity

  • Porous materials

  • Lagrangian particles

  • Fluid-structure interaction