Founded in 2013, Simu-K is born from the vision of an engineer and an entrepreneur. The primary objective is to allow companies in Quebec and internationally to have access to expertise in digital simulation adapted to their needs.

Over time and projects, our experience and our vision have evolved to adapt to the new needs of our customers. In 2019, our numerical simulation services remain unique. But now, we also offer expertise in advanced engineering design projects that prioritize digital methods in design, virtual prototyping and photorealistic rendering.

Political quality

Simu-K has developed a quality policy that is valued between our team and our customers:

  • Our customers allow us to exist. They must be valued and respected.

  • Our professionalism must be present at all times

  • Our deliverables must be of exceptional quality

  • Our deadlines and budgets must be respected

  • We must offer greater flexibility to our competitors

We work with sensitive information for our clients. We have implemented a confidentiality policy that all our employees must adhere to to be part of the team:

  • No project or client can be mentioned without the written permission of the latter.

  • No image or project description may be issued without written permission from the client.

  • Confidential information is archived and removed from calculation computers at the end of the project

  • At the customer's request, a calculation system not connected to the internet can be implemented


Our mission

Our mission is to provide exceptional service in simulation and engineering through our professionalism, the quality of our deliverables and our customer service.

Our vision

Simu-K's vision is to become a leader in simulation and advanced engineering by using the latest computer technologies to achieve high added value projects.