Ansys LS-Dyna consulting

Ansys LS-Dyna is one of the most advanced simulation software. It offers unique capabilities that allow you to make models that other software cannot. Our expertise with Ansys LS-Dyna allows us to model advanced studies in numerical simulation.

Project examples

  • High and low speed impact simulation

  • Drop test

  • Advanced materials

  • Impact of liquids and other non-solid materials

  • Transient thermomechanical study with thermal deformations

  • Study of vibration, fatigue and cracking

  • Multiphysics study

  • ROPS and FOPS simulation

  • Loading simulation of a dump truck

  • Friction wear study

  • Fatigue analysis of equipment subjected to vibration


  • Explicit and implicit integration scheme

  • Multiphysics interaction

  • Simulation method: SPH, SPG, ALE, DEM and others

  • Deformable barrier for impact simulation

  • Direct coupled transient thermomechanics

  • Fracture mechanics

  • Advanced materials

  • Acoustics

  • Vibration

  • Rotodynamic

  • Electromagnetic